St. John's Church before demolition


Photograph of old church before its demolition


The Friends of St. John's Churchyard is an independent community group and registered charity. It was formed in 2005 by enthusiastic volunteers who were saddened by the overgrown inaccessible churchyard but who wanted to improve it for everyone.

All members of the group are volunteers, working to restore the churchyard by combating Japanese Knotweed and damage done by vandals. Many members have relatives interred in the churchyard and a personal interest in restoring the dignity of this sanctified ground. Some members are physically involved in the work, but most support the project by fundraising or by personal donations.

Grants have been received from The Cooperative Community Fund, Lancashire County Council Environmental Fund, the Gannett Foundation of the Lancashire Telegraph, the Borough of Pendle, Nelson Town Council and East Lancs Clinical Commissioning Group. 

Contributions have been received from Blackburn Diocese, and Burnley Pendle and Rossendale CVS provide help and support.

Applications are regularly submitted to a variety of public bodies for funding.

Donations are always very welcome but above all we would love more volunteers, particularly younger ones!